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"Daewoo of the Year" nomination...

Ok, there are these ducks outside my window, and I wanted to point my webcam at them to get a nice zoomed-in shot. (The camcorder I use for my webcam has 10X zoom while my digital camera only has 3X optical plus 2X digital.)

Well I go to turn it on and find that there's no video signal in the Camera mode. Odd. I try Player mode, and there's a signal there. Crap, I figure it finally died. Hell, I have the thing running in Camera mode 24/7. It's probably not designed for that kind of use.

So out of curiosity I decide to take the thing apart, not optimistic that I'd be able to fix it, but just to see if I can find any chips that are fried or something. Some sort of explanation for why it's kaput.

After removing 12 screws and disconnecting 3 or 4 connections inside, I put the thing back together and try it out once more. No dice.

Then I look curiously at the "Lock/Standby" switch around the record button. I had never even touched that before because I don't use the camcorder for recording to tape. But the switch happened to be in the Lock position. Guess what. It needs to be in Standby. :-P
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