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Wanna buy a duck?
This little fella was walking around right outside my window...

(By the way, "Wanna buy a duck?" is a little time-wasting game I play with some friends. I'm not seriously selling this guy!)

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That's pretty much it, you're just an ass.

Does it Quack?

Of course it quacks... It's a duck!

I see your duck and raise you two!

You raise ducks AND work for the Navy? Incredible! :)

Well... I haven't started work yet... that's why I'm trying to sell these guys. :)

Do they Quack????

Tayden says they quack all the time!

He wants to go chase them!
I keep telling him that kitties don't swim and that chasing the ducks is Not a good way to make friends with the neighbors.

There are two ducks that live in the dirty smelly canal across the house. They're all brown. Which is probably why Eddie the Dog doesn't notice them. Or something. He likes the chase the local rabbit but the ducks are beneath his notice.

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