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Awww Yeeeah... :)
After ice skating today, Theresa and I went to the music room to practice our duet. While I was there and had access to a nice Steinway grand piano, I tried out "All of Me." Feel the POWER!!! Muahahaha... I got a video. I messed up in the middle and so the video is cut and stitched at that point, but not even I can tell where, and I'm the one who did it. Hehe...

2.2MB Windows Media Video

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Thwack, I am so upset. I only have lousy dial up and and just cannot get your stuff to load so I can listen to it! I love your piano music! I'll be making a special trip over to my friend Cheryl's house (the cable modem user) and listening this week. I'm sure it's awesome!

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