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Ok, so maybe I'm not the best sample data. I just got stuck behind two girls in a checkout line in Wegmans who couldn't figure out the new system at all. But I guess a certain percentage of users will just never get it anyway and that's why the employees are there to help.

Also, I'm finding that the touch screen isn't very responsive. I've tried pressing lightly, I've tried pressing hard. Its responsiveness seems quite random. I had to press 2 of the digits in my pin number 4 times to get them to register. Fortunately I was paying attention to the asterisks popping up and not just blindly entering my pin with a single hand motion, or I wouldn't even know what digits were in there already and whether they're correct. But that has probably happened to other customers.

Ok, so, the touch screen needs work. But I still like the changes overall. :)

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Um, I don't know if it's the same kind of touch screen that they have where I used to work, but I found that it's best to use the side of your index finger(or the side of any other finger for that matter)... it reacts to pressure, so if it's cocentrated on the harder part of you finger it will repsond better.... I guess.
I need to check them out, I will always love retail.... how phanominally sad.

Ah, so the screens probably work great for women with nails. :)

The tip of a finger nail doesn't have enough surface area for the screen to detect... that's why you have to use the side of your finger. :-P

Hmm. Then I guess they're REALLY screwed. Hehe.

A huge grocery store. They're all around western NY. I think I even saw one across the border in PA.

There is one as far south as Williamsport, but after that it's a wasteland of "Giant" and "Weis"... yuck. Give me Wegman's any day! :-D

Hehe... in Reading, PA, there is a Weis and a Giant right across the street from each other. My grandparents go to Weis.

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