Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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Pet Peeve

One thing I can't STAND is bookmarks ("favorites") that insist on opening in a specifically-named window.

Case in point... I have a single browser window open to some page I'm reading and don't want to lose. I want to look at another page briefly, so I open a new browser window. Then in that new window I click on a bookmark to the page I wanted to view. The bookmark opens up in the FIRST browser window.

Whose brilliant idea was THAT?!?!

Now I'm finding new ways to do things. The fastest way for me to open up a new temporary window to Merriam-Webster to look up a word is as follows:

Ctrl-N - opens new window
Ctrl-O - opens dialog to type in a web address to open (faster than grabbing the mouse to click on the address bar)
"m-w" - typing that pops down the address history
Down Arrow - selects "www.m-w.com" from the history list
Enter - opens the page.
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