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A fellow LJer just IMed me and asked me to remove her from my LJ friends page. When I asked why, she said "i just dont feel like sounding like a nutcase to all your friends". This doesn't make sense to me. If this is really her reasoning, what kind of solution is this? Removing her from my friends page won't accomplish anything. My friends can still read her journal directly if they want to, or even add her as a friend themselves. If she wants to control who sees her entries, she should use LJ's privacy control features, right? That's what they're there for.

So, what do you think?

Should I remove her from my friends page?


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I think it's silly that you actually wrote about this - and then did a poll on it. Quite frankly.

That's me. Silly. :)

Actually I'm thinking I should remove her anyway, for two reasons. 1... she said she's basically not writing in LJ anymore and deleting a lot of old entries. And 2... she made such a big fuss about it.

Well, if you don't want to read it anymore, remove her. I would first try to explain how LJ works so she understands. It sounds like she's not quite getting it....

Yeah, well I did that. Despite the fact that she disabled anonymous comments and banned me from making comments, so I had to create a new account just to do this for her.

oh i understand, fuckwit. i understand perfectly clear. and this exact thing is why i dont want you to have me on your friend list. I dont want you reading about my life. and i dont want you and your friends having fucking polls and comments about me. i want peace, and privacy. How fucking mature to create a new account to send me a comment. I blocked you for a fucking reason.

Nope, you don't understand. Controlling other people's friends lists is NOT a method of privacy control on LJ.

And you blocked me to have the last word. Don't lecture me on maturity. I'm remaining open to further comments and attempts to reason with each other, while you are not.

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