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I forgot to mention that the video in my last entry was just one of about 10 different takes. I kept one of the rejects because it was so unbelievably funny... I played through the entire piece (well, the part I know so far) and it was nearly flawless... probably perfect to the untrained ear... until the very last chord, where I slipped and hit the worst wrong note imaginable. Check it out. :)

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Dan, you are your own worst critic. I really really enjoy listening to your music and your tinkerings and your practices. Still. It's been a couple of years since I last got to listen in on your mic. This video was a treat for me.

Thanks for posting that!

Keep it up!! I envy your skill. *sigh*

Thanks for your lovely comment. :)


just kidding. It really wasn't all that bad, and could be easily overlooked. It is neat hearing you play again. I miss the thwackMic

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