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Yay! I'm not stupid anymore!
At least 5 times, I have stopped by this Key Bank along Jefferson Rd to use the drive-thru ATM when I didn't have time to go to my own bank that isn't really on the way to anywhere. Little did I know that while Key Bank only charges me $1.25 for using my ESL card there, The Summit Federal Credit Union right next-door (like, 100 feet) charges me NOTHING! Kick ass. I know where I'm going from now on. ;)

I just checked ESL's online list of surcharge-free ATMs in the area and sure enough, Summit is on there. As is the Bruegger's Bagels in the same plaza, which I've known for a while, but never bothered going there because I always needed money when Bruegger's wouldn't have been open, and they don't have a very big vestibule so the ATM must be inside the store.

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ATM is right near where you pick up your straw or napkins or whatever... I thought it was kind of a weird location to put one.

Re: Bruegger's ATM

Thanks. :) Yeah, so it would be inaccessible after hours.

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