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Holy Schmidt, my arms hurt!

I was just practicing piano for about 3 hours straight. What am I learning? Glad you asked.... I was recently browsing piano music on mp3.com and came across this guy Jon Schmidt. He has a cool song called Waterfall that I wanted to learn. It's in 12/8 time. Sweet. :) But on Jon's homepage he only provides sheet music for two songs. One of them is called "All of Me" and it's in a syncopated rhythm that's almost like 12/8 time - very similar to Waterfall. So I downloaded that music and printed it out.

In 3 hours, I managed to learn the first 1 minute and 18 seconds worth of the mp3, which you can download from my server or go to Jon's mp3.com page.

Of course, tomorrow I'll probably have forgotten a lot of it. But that's the way these things go. Gotta keep working at it. :)

The next section scares me though... mainly because it uses the full keyboard and I only have a 61-key keyboard. In the first section there's only one high note I can't play, but in the next section there's a whole bunch of low stuff in the left hand that I won't be able to hit unless I find a full keyboard to practice on. I can't wait to get to the section where he actually says to bang the keyboard with the entire fore-arm laid sideways (time 2:30 in the mp3). :)

But for now, I suppose I should sleep.
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