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Fiddler and A Cappella

Long day...

First I went with RITSMA to see "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Rochester Auditorium Center. It was pretty good. Usually people see this play done in high schools and community theater guilds, so it's cool to see it done professionally.

They had these artistic bare-branched flat scenery trees that were the full height of the stage and apparently attached to a motion system at the top, so they would move left and right through the stage by themselves. Well a few scenes from the end of the play, they were moving one of the trees off-stage and two others on-stage, but all 3 of them got their branched tangled in one spot and then there was a crash/thud heard from up in the rafters. Oops. :) They remained there for the rest of the play, including curtain call. They weren't really a problem actually - they acted around it just fine. It was only awkward for the curtain call when people were bowing standing right behind them. Heh.

After the show a bunch of us went out to eat and then went back to RIT for the Brick City Singers' 2nd Annual Night of A Cappella, where they invite a few A Cappella groups from other schools around the state to perform. BCS opened the night with a lengthy and well-produced video they shot of the guys trying to prepare for the concert (which ends with a transition to a live camera that follows the guys running out onto the stage). But at the very beginning of the video, they played the DTS digital sound intro clip that you see in the movie theaters sometimes, except they replaced the audio track with their own a cappella version of the same sounds. It was awesome. :) And of course, so was the live performance, by all four groups.
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