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Tylenol Flu NightTime
I thought this stuff was supposed to make me drowsy. I took it like an hour or two ago.

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It's Tylenol so it's crap.

Take Nyquil.

Well drowsiness wasn't the primary goal - I was taking it to alleviate symptoms, but took the normal stuff instead of non-drowsy because I was ready for bed. It took care of my symptoms just fine, but despite the warning on the label, it didn't make me the least bit incapable of operating heavy machinery.

And by the way, hello... :) I see you've been commenting on a few of my past entries.

Well, Tylenol is like generic soda. You never really know how it's going to affect you.

And hello. You use capital letters and care about grammar so people will be drawn to you in the land of LiveJournal like a bubbling spring in the middle of the Sahara.

Wow, I didn't think anyone appreciated that stuff anymore. :)

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