Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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I figured out how to get Webcam32 to stream from XP! Yeah!!! See, wc32 was written before XP came out, and when I tried to install it on XP, it worked except for the streaming feature. On the web page it would just show a gray box and a status of "load: class JavaCamPush not found" or something. Well I had all but given up on this months ago. But today I thought I'd research it once again, and this time I found mention in an unrelated tip about the XP compatibility feature, which allows you to tell it to run certain programs in '98 or '95 compatibility mode. So I gave that a try. Ta-da!

Kick ass. :)

People can trash XP all they want, but every time I discover something new about it that is incredibly clever or saves the day, I appreciate it more and more.
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