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I figured out how to get Webcam32 to stream from XP! Yeah!!! See, wc32 was written before XP came out, and when I tried to install it on XP, it worked except for the streaming feature. On the web page it would just show a gray box and a status of "load: class JavaCamPush not found" or something. Well I had all but given up on this months ago. But today I thought I'd research it once again, and this time I found mention in an unrelated tip about the XP compatibility feature, which allows you to tell it to run certain programs in '98 or '95 compatibility mode. So I gave that a try. Ta-da!

Kick ass. :)

People can trash XP all they want, but every time I discover something new about it that is incredibly clever or saves the day, I appreciate it more and more.

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Maybe you know how to get my mother's computer to stop randomly dialing into their dial-up service provider?

I don't have a modem on my system so I can't even look through the settings to find it, but it's in there somewhere. At least, it was in NT4, and mobile users at KPG would come in all the time telling us it's trying to dial up at random and we'd go into the settings and uncheck the option to auto-dial for each entry in a list, but I totally forget where that is. Somewhere in Dial-Up Networking would make sense, so that's probably not where it is. heh

Even though it looks like something from Fisher Price... Windows XP definately is one good OS... first nice thing I've said about Microsoft in about 2 years... sigh...

Re: I have to admit...

And the Fisher Price look is totally optional. It can look just like 2000 if you want it to.

Re: I have to admit...

That is true... although I've become accustomed to the new look... not too bad as long as you get a decent background to compliment it.

Re: I have to admit...

Me too. I use the Olive one. I wish there were more than 3 to choose from.

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