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O Brother...
The other day I watched "O Brother Where Art Thou" with a bunch of friends. I didn't know anything about this movie, but had heard merely that it came out. I only knew it by its title, and that meant nothing to me. So I went into it expecting some Shakespeare-style screenplay. Um, ok, so I turned out to be way off on that one. But then, as I'm watching the movie, it became clear to me that it's based on some older story I'm unaware of, because my friends were pointing to characters saying things like "Oh, they're the sirens!" and "He must be the guy who gets hit in the eye... I wonder if that'll happen here... Oh that wasn't it! Haha! They tricked us... OH! Here it is..."

Yeah, so, I wished I was in on the prerequisites for this movie, but I felt like I'd be too embarrassed to ask because it seemed like EVERYONE there (like 20 people) understood it and it would be absurd for anyone to not.

Despite that, I enjoyed the movie anyway. Time for me to r-u-n-n-o-f-t. :)

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I don't know where you were during the very beginning of the movie, when it said "based on Homer's Odyssey" and everyone said, ‹JONES› WHAT?!?! ‹/JONES› ... and I still don't know how they could say that it was based on that story... there were a few very vague similarities(guy with eye patch = Cyclops).. but other than that I wouldn't have picked up on any of that without seeing it in the opening credits.

Yeah, but when I was saying "WHAT?!?!" it's because I have no idea what Homer's Odyssey is. And that's probably the part that is absurd that I would've been embarrassed to reveal. :)

Did you like it? The soundtrack is fantastic. It's supposed to be modeled after Homer's The Oddysey. I did not read it, and wasn't aware of this until after I saw it, so don't feel bad.

I've never even heard of that. And I'm not sure I understand why the soundtrack would be so highly praised... it's simply music in the style that would fit in that time frame. I'd call the music appropriate. It works well for the movie, but I don't understand why people want to buy the soundtrack. Is it done by some famous artist of today? Again, I feel like I'm missing something.

I guess you would have to like that particular era of music to enjoy the soundtrack. Allan and I both enjoy old folksy music with beautiful harmonies, and that's what the CD delivers. There is an original 1920s recording of Big Rock Candy Mountain on there by the man who wrote it, and there are several more modern recording artists doing the old songs. It's very powerful music, IMHO. If it's not your thing, though, it's not your thing! That's OK :)

I enjoyed the music. I'm not saying it's not my thing. But it's rare for a movie soundtrack to make the top 40's or something, and everyone's talking about this music like it will, but I just don't see it. I see the music as auxilliary to the movie. Without the movie, it loses meaning. So it wouldn't make sense to me to play the music on the radio... I guess that's what it is. I can't see how the music transfers so easily from the cinema to the car stereo. Unless it was played on an "old folksy music" station or something... I could see that. :)

Oh, I didn't know you were talking about radio play- I can't see much use for it either. It's not a genre that is played on any stations that I'm aware of.

Owning the soundtrack, however, is a great thing, IMHO. I love to put it on while I'm just relaxing. The vocals in it are hypnotizing.

I hope you feel better soon, by the way. Poor you! I wish I could e-mail you some chicken soup!

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