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Preventative Measures
After accidentally hitting the reset button my computer with my toe twice, I decided to cover the darn thing. :) A Coke bottle cap and poster putty stuff came in handy for that.

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Or you could just... say... tell your computer to have you hold the reset button for it to reset. ;)

O omniscient one, tell me how. ;)

I know it's in the silly setup area when your computer is booting up. I'd actually have to reboot to check and I'm too lazy for that ;)

I thought that might be what you meant. The thing is... every motherboard's BIOS is different. I looked in mine and there's no setting like that. There's an option to have the power button either shutdown or suspend, but nothing for the reset button. I could simply disconnect the reset button from its connector on my motherboard, but then if I HAD to use it I couldn't. But the cap can be easily removed if needed. :)

That's an awesome looking computer. What kind of system is that? Looks like stainless steal.


It's self-built. I got the case from colorcases.com. Looks like they have a lot of even better ones now.

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