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No Harry Potter :(
This is so sad!

I joined my friends at Ritter to go ice skating, and afterwards we went to Dunkin Donuts to hang out and waste time before going to see Harry Potter. We picked up a City paper to check the play times - it was showing at Regal at 4:25. So we had our donuts then went to Dick's to look for some ice skates for Ron, and generally kill time.

Finally we head over to Regal where Molley joined us. We were all psyched up to see Harry Potter. They had all seen it already, but wanted to see it again. I hadn't seen it at all. We walk up to the ticket window and ask for our tickets, and are swiftly informed that Harry Potter only played once today, at 12:30, and the 4:35 showing was a misprint! Awwww!!!

But wait, that's not the worst part...

We moved off to the side to figure out what we want to do... See a different movie? The options there weren't appealing. Go to another theater? Nothing seemed appealing anywhere else either. While we were standing there contemplating what to do, one-by-one we saw group after group of parents with kids walk up to the ticket window asking to see Harry Potter and being turned away! I don't think I've ever seen so many children's hearts crushed before my very eyes. It was almost too much to watch. One little boy even came in on crutches.

With so many people coming to see the movie, wouldn't the best thing to do be to just show it anyway??? Ok, so maybe they didn't have any screens left. So, cancel something else that isn't as popular. Do they really think they'll sell more than 20 tickets to Snow Dogs? That's how many people we saw turned away for Harry Potter, and that's a generous underestimation. There just has to be a better solution than breaking the hearts of all these little kids, and not to forget the few adults like ourselves, either.

Well we had enough of that, and decided to rent Memento to watch at my place and order pizza. But the logistics of this were a bit difficult, because you see, Ron had driven myself and Jackie from RIT to Dunkin Donuts, Dicks, and Regal. So we had 4 people there... two with cars there, two with cars still at RIT. Blockbuster is between Regal and my place, about 5 minutes away, but my car is at RIT, which is 20 minutes round trip. If my car was at Regal, I could've gotten the movie and went to my place to prepare for guests while Molley drove Ron and Jackie back to get their cars... But with Ron's car here instead, how would we work this out? Well we decided to send Molley to pick up the video with directions to my place, and Ron would drive me and Jackie back to our cars. Jackie would stop by Tops to get some Coke. Ron and I would go straight to my place. Molley ended up stopping by her place before coming to mine, to get some coupons or something. So it actually worked out ok.

Memento was a cool movie, but I was hoping it would make sense when it got to the end and it didn't.

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On crutches? Are you for real? That's got to be the saddest thing I've heard all day(and I heard some sad things today...)! Geez. And I heard Momento was good... but you didn't understand it? How can it be a good movie if it didn't make sense?

No, I understood it - it's not like I didn't get it at all. It just left too many questions not really answered. I understood it enough to be drawn into it to the point where I wanted to figure out the mystery. But either they didn't give enough clues or I missed some of them. :)

Sounds like it might be a movie to see again! ;-P

I watched Momento with my floor like the second or third week of school & the DVD player kept on skipping... we think... we weren't entirely sure when it was skipping and when it was "supposed to do that." .LoL. Pretty good though, didcha think?

Our DVD seemed to skip when trying to show the main menu... but it does it the same way every time, so I'm wondering if they just made it that way on purpose. It didn't skip during the movie itself though.

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