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Go Tigers!
For the ECAC West D-III championship:

Elmira 1

MAN was that game intense! RIT took the lead in the first by tossing the puck into a dislodged net the refs failed to notice, despite the Corner Crew chanting "check the net!" The goal stuck. In the second period, Elmira missed a great chance to score when RIT goalie Tyler Euverman was down at the far side of the goal, leaving an Elmira player with an easy shot that he gently missed wide. By the end of the second, RIT had tallied one more and Elmira still had 0. Elmira got on the board in the third right after Stick Boy banged his stick on the box only once. Instead of more bangs, we heard cowbells. Grr! Going into the final minutes of the game, it was still 2-1. With less than a minute on the clock, RIT got slapped with a roughing call. With Elmira's goalie pulled, they had a 6-on-4 advantage in those last seconds of the game. RIT did well to kill the time, but at the last second the puck was hovering around the net. The buzzer sounded and the goal light turned green just as the puck entered our goal. (A red light would indicate a goal, while the green light indicates the game is over.) The ref signaled a goal, and Elmira's players and fans began to celebrate, thinking they would have a chance to win it in overtime. But after consulting with his linesmen, who were watching the clock, it was declared that the puck entered the goal after time had run out, and RIT's players and fans began to celebrate. The championship trophies were awarded after the game, including one for MVP awarded to RIT's Ryan Fairbarn.

Afterwards I went to Friendly's with my friends in the Crew. Mmmmm.... vanilla caramel sundae... :)

Tomorrow I'm going ice skating with many of said friends. Then I'll go see Harry Potter for the first time. Yay! I haven't seen it yet. It's not like I'm eager to, and I don't NOT want to either - it just never came up until now. I haven't read the books. I hope I don't hate the movie.

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Dang it stinks that I missed that game... but I finally got the webcast to come in on my computer so that made me happy! ...@least I got to hear it! Glad it was a good time as always and
Gooooo Tigers! Cool. 8-}

I can't believe I missed this game!!!!!! And a friend of mine had emailed me saying that I should come out to the game if I can. Now I missed out on seeing him and others and a real barn burner of a game from the sounds of it. Bummer.

You still have a chance to come see RIT vs. Plattsburgh at the Ritter this coming Friday and Saturday nights at 7pm in the NCAA quarterfinals. Might wanna get your tickets soon though. ;)

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