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Coaster Video
I made a nice semi-professional video out of the time-lapse recording of me putting together my K'NEX coaster. And it has music! I used a song written by Purple Motion, one of the member of the old demo group Future Crew. It's called "Zak-zaka-zak-zak" and being an S3M with only 2 channels and tiny instrument samples, the file is only 97 KB despite being 2:40 in length (which I shortened for the video). Gotta love that modular music. :)

MPEG Video (8 MB)

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That rocks!!!

When I finally get my vid capture setup working we are gonna have to collaborate on some things :)

Oooooooooh! Cool - I can't wait. :)

You were right(as usual)... took me about 5:00 minutes to download 8MB(on this awesome Ethernet...)... it's a good thing you didn't post the 33MB file!!!! :-)

Yeah, Road Runner sucks for serving.

Dude, you rock. I am officially obsessed with having one of those coasters. Great video!

You can still make me your pool boy anytime you want. ;)

music and everything... that's soooo cool. Nice work. 8-}

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