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It starts...

Well Jamie and I moved our first few things into the new apartment. Her sister Julie came along too. One of the first things Jamie unpacked was a set of refrigerator magnets of the statues of David and Venus and various articles of clothing with which to dress them. We had fun with that for a bit. :) Then we sat down on the floor where the couch will eventually be and Jamie grabbed her ReplayTV remote and pointed it to where the TV will eventually be. So then Julie goes over to that wall and starts acting. She started blurting out a rapid sequence of Spanish words... Oh no! It's the Spanish channel! Change it! Change it! Then she started selling stuff like she's on the home shopping network. She pulled some of my videotapes out of a box nearby and started trying to sell them. She'd act out scenes from the movies... She does a great Rose lying on the wooden panel talking to a dead Jack and blowing a whistle at the boat. Hehehe... We were having a good old time, probably making a lot of noise too, then there was a knock on our door. The guy across the hall apparently heard us and decided to introduce himself. I forgot his name already. O:) But he's an EMT, or at least does something related to an ambulance. He didn't use the term EMT.

Well now I need to keep packing little stuff and taking it over in my car. Tomorrow Jamie will have the U-Haul for the big furniture. Then I'll have Sunday to finish up and clean this old place and turn in my keys by the end of the day.

It'll be an aching weekend for sure. :)
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