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"7 Questions" Survey
Another one of those get-to-know-me things, if you're interested. This one's unique because it has fewer questions, but makes you give 7 answers to each. Heh...

I'm sort of afraid of what my answers might be to some of these... but here we go anyway...

Seven things that scare you:

  • this survey

  • not understanding my body (strange pains, for example... "is this serious?")

  • new situations

  • seeing the time on my alarm clock when I oversleep

  • deadlines

  • coming up short / failure

  • professionalism

Seven things that make you laugh:

  • sight gags (monkey scratches ass, sniffs finger, faints and falls out of tree)

  • strange/unique/clever jokes

  • clever parodies (Weird Al!)

  • being tickled (although I haven't been tested in ages)

  • The Onion

  • The Daily Show

  • Family Guy

Seven things you love:

  • my family

  • my friends

  • snow (this winter has SUCKED here!)

  • new toys

  • Corner Crew (RIT Hockey!)

  • intimacy

  • running theatre lights

Seven things you hate:

  • deadlines

  • business

  • misunderstandings

  • how slow I read

  • depression

  • spam

  • being out of shape

Seven things you don't understand:

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Moulin Rouge

  • corporate decisions

  • theory of relativity

  • relationships

  • why my building's plumbing is so loud

  • economics of rich people

Seven things on your desk (work):

  • I don't work :(

Seven things on your desk (home):

  • monitor

  • cable modem

  • router

  • hub

  • bottle of computer anti-virus pills

  • stereo and TV remotes

  • 3-D glasses

Right now you are:

  • awake when I should be sleeping

  • unemployed

  • hungry

  • sitting in the dark

  • staring at the screen

  • sitting on my right ankle

  • scratching my head

Seven facts about you:

  • I'm 24 years old

  • I've worn glasses since elementary school

  • I had braces up through my second year of college

  • I've played piano all my life (officially started lessons when I was 4 or 5)

  • I broke my right arm in 3rd grade

  • I'm right-handed

  • I still get my hair cut at the same unisex salon my mom took me to when she decided I was too hold for her to cut my hair anymore

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

  • fly in a plane

  • leave the continent

  • find love

  • retire

  • get in shape

  • finish my website

  • tell everyone I love that I love them

Seven things you can do:

  • replace the system board in a Dell Latitude CPi laptop

  • program auditorium ceiling lights to chase around in a circle

  • play the Super Mario Brothers theme song on the piano

  • make a loud pop using only my chin, a finger, and the skin between two fingers on the other hand

  • recite (nearly) all the chemical elements in rhyming order

  • bake banana bread

  • a push-up

Seven things you can't do:

  • put my legs behind my head

  • touch my nose with my tongue

  • tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue

  • sign my name legibly

  • read a book for pleasure

  • point my toes away from each other at more than a 180° angle

  • think of answers to this survey fast enough

Top seven things that turn you on:

  • shapely breasts

  • silky smooth skin

  • the "Nala look"

  • soft lips

  • porn

  • intelligence

  • creativity

Top seven movies you watch all the time:

  • Office Space

  • Toy Story (both)

  • Star Wars (any episode)

  • Fantasia 2000

  • Contact

  • Shrek

  • Bull Durham

Well, that took me a good 3 hours. In the middle of the night, because I couldn't sleep. Maybe I'll try falling asleep to a movie now.

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"play the Super Mario Brothers theme song on the piano"
It's true- I've heard it! You also do a mean Weird Al performance.

Office Space is one of my favs, too. "PC load letter? What the fuck does that mean?" is the error message sound on my laptop.

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