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No Disassemble Number 5!
I took apart my K'NEX Screamin Serpent roller coaster in preparation for this weekend's move. I took a cool time-lapse video of the process. :)

2.5MB Windows Media Video

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Indisputable proof that yes, Dan....you are truly messed up. :)

Love, J!

ive been watching in real time for like, 5 mins, but have only seen 20 seconds of the thing. but i can assure you that the video just shows you have to get out! you have too much time on your hands:)

Too much time on my hands? Heh... not really... See, I HAD to take this thing apart in preparation for this weekend's move. :) Making a time-lapse video of the process was only an afterthought... except I thought of it before I started... so it's a forethought? :)

I could make a smaller version of the video so that modem users could download it, but the quality would be so poor you couldn't see anything anyway. You're actually better off only seeing the 20 seconds you did of the higher quality video.

That's awesome! How did you make the video? Did you do it all digitally? How large was the origianl file? What software did you use?

The camera was my Sony camcorder - no tape, just used as a live feed cam into my video capture card. So yes, it was all digital.

For the inital capture, I used Webcam32, which has an AVI capture feature and allows an interval setting in milliseconds, which I set to 2000. This way it captured an AVI file at 2 seconds per frame (0.5fps), which is played back at 30fps or 60x normal speed. This uncompressed AVI file came to about 600MB.

To make the WMV I simply brought the AVI into Windows Movie Maker, which comes with XP.

I've also made MPEG versions using software called VideoMach which allows me to save the frames in reverse order. That looked cool. :) But the MPG files of equal size had poorer video quality than the WMV, so I didn't post them.

What move? I missed that. Are you moving to another apartment or something? Moving to Binghamton and setting up your rollercoaster in my rec room? Details!

(Does this mean you have to put it all together AGAIN??? Ack!)

You're in Binghamton? Poor thing ;) I grew up there... and my parents make me come home every so often.

Saj, Zette... Zette, Saj. :)

Nice to meet ya. Get me out of this hell hole! :)

Yeah I've kind of neglected to mention it in my journal... the rent in this single is going too high so I'm moving across the complex into a double with a friend. It's a big complex though - the new place has a different street name in its address and is about a third of a mile away as the crow flies - a half mile by road.

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