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Get-to-know-me Survey
If you want to read my answers to this survey,

If you have children, what are their names? If you do not, please choose one female and one male name for them, even if you vow never to bless the world with your progeny.

No children. I'd name a girl Nina, and I have no ideas for a boy - I'd leave that to his mother. :)

What was your prom theme song?

Didn't go to my prom.

Did you go to any college sporting events? With a date?

Ice Hockey! Not with a date though.

What are you reading right now for pleasure?

Does the "Guide for Persons Claiming Benefits under the New York State Unemployment Insurance Law" count? :) I don't read books for pleasure. "Read" and "pleasure" don't belong in the same sentence as far as I'm concerned. I wish that wasn't so, but I've had no luck changing it so far in my life.

If you went to college, what was your favorite course?

Computer Music

Men: Marble Bag or swim trunks?

swim trunks

River, pond, lake, stream or ocean?


Best day of your life?

Singling one out would be a disservice to all the other great days.

Did you get any honors or distinctions in highschool?

Honor Society... I think...

Favorite Sweathog?

Clue, please? What's a sweathog?

Do you read a newspaper daily? If so, which one?

When I worked, I read almost daily. No printed newspapers though.

Is your phone number listed, or unlisted?


Favorite toy as a child?


Do you have a passport?


Have any grandparents left? How many?

all four

What posters did you hang up in your room (if any) during your early teens?

Hmm, they were some weird Levis posters I think with drawn teenage characters on them with made-up taxonomic names like "Radicallus Maximus" and stuff, riding skateboards and just being cool. I think I also had a Laser Tag poster.

What concert have you attended of which you are most embarrassed?

Well, I went to a Charlie Daniels concert despite not being much of a country music fan. But that's because my friend Ryan was playing with him. Plus I got a guest pass and got to meet Mr. Daniels, get a photo signed, and sit side-stage for the show. And I at least like "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" so I'm not embarrassed to have seen him. I was perhaps embarrassed to be among the rest of his fans though, who were mostly drunken NASCAR fans with enormous belt buckles. :)

What concert have you attended of which you are most proud?

Weird Al! I got to meet him too. :)

Manet or Monet?

Don't know who Manet is. So, Monet.

Favorite Museum in the World?

Haven't been to many. Does Toronto's Science Center count? I love that place. :)

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You took computer music? How was it? That's Al Biles, right? You have to tell me about that sometime..... :-)

Re: Ddduuuuudddeee!!!

Yup... why, are you taking it now? If I knew, I could've let you borrow that enormous bible, unless he found something better to use for a textbook. :)

I dunno what you'd want me to tell you about it... I guess the coolest part is that for one or two classes you get to just see and hear Al play trumpet along with his GenJam setup. :) It's awesome when he trades eight-measure improv solos with the computer.

Then there's a final project where you need to basicaly compose a song, but the requirements are so loose - you can just record regular music, like yourself playing the piano, and if you modify it in the slightest bit - even just cleaning up noise using a computer - you can call it computer music. ;) Basically he recognizes that not everyone has musical ability so he grades the project more on the use of the computer in clever ways than on musical quality of the final product.

Here is my final project: (2.8MB MP3)

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