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Go Tigers!
It was a close game at Fredonia tonight (well, Saturday... I'm up late) - the Blue Devils never took a lead, and the Tigers finally won it 5-4 in sudden-death overtime. Woohoo! I'm glad I went there to cheer them on. :)

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...and don't forget about that Hat-Trick! An amazingly played, exciting hockey game... with good company, too! How could the weekend get any better!

I could've found the thruway on the first try. :)

We also could've gotten there before the game started.

That wasn't an actual question... it was rhetorical... hence the lack of question mark on the end of the sentence..... :-P

Umm....there was no hat trick. Matt Crane got 2 goals for Fredonia, and Mike Tarantino scored 2 for RIT, but nobody got 3.

I distinctly remember the announcer saying something about a hat trick, and after Stick Boy rang the bell and we counted off the goal, he yelled "NICE HAT TRICK!"

Were we all mistaken?

Apparently. :)

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