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One thing I don't fucking tolerate is people who misunderstand and then won't talk!!!!!

I can't stand it!!!


"I have nothing to say to you."
"good bye"
[signed off]

Fuck it. The world is full of assholes and I guess I was too ambitious to try not to be one of them. So go ahead everyone, think of me as an asshole. I obviously did everything to hurt you because I love hurting people's feelings. Yes, that's it.

My GOD!!! What do these people think my motivation is??? Why would I do the things they think I've done? I wouldn't, and I haven't.

But I give up. They won't listen. Instead they'll believe what they want and be hurt by it, and there's nothing I can do about it. I've tried.

I've done all I can to save these friendships.

It fucking hurts like you wouldn't believe to lose friends for no reason.

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Awww :( Well I still wuv you. I'd hug you but I'm sick in the frow-uppy way and I don't want you to catch it.

Thanks hon, I wuv you too. :)


Right when I typed bye - I got kicked off AIM, permanently. So instead of continuing the debate by logging back on, I shut off the computer and went to sleep.

You have done some crazy things in regards to me the past few weeks. Proposing marriage, telling me you have feelings for me - and just all these things that seemed really left field. And your anger towards me has really seemed like it should be directed towards someone else.

I have done NOTHING to you. I have been a friend and all of that. I have never said you were an asshole.

You hurt me with the whole marriage proposal thing. Although I knew deep down you were just not thinking clearly - it HURTS for someone to toy with you like that, especially when feelings used to be involved. It's painful.

And at this point - I don't have anything else to say. I hope you find what makes you happy.

Well I feel better knowing you didn't sign off on purpose. It's just unfortunate that it happened when it did. I jumped to conclusions because that (appeared to be) the second time lately that someone has done that to me and I just snapped.


I don't toy with people. But clearly I've hurt you, and for that I'm sorry because it certainly wasn't intended.

You seem like a nice person to me and I have no reason to have negative feelings towards you. Especially now that I know you didn't slam the door in my face on purpose.

I can never convince anyone of my reasoning behind that proposal to you, which is why I should just admit it was wrong, apologize for my actions, and learn from my mistakes.

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