Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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One thing I don't fucking tolerate is people who misunderstand and then won't talk!!!!!

I can't stand it!!!


"I have nothing to say to you."
"good bye"
[signed off]

Fuck it. The world is full of assholes and I guess I was too ambitious to try not to be one of them. So go ahead everyone, think of me as an asshole. I obviously did everything to hurt you because I love hurting people's feelings. Yes, that's it.

My GOD!!! What do these people think my motivation is??? Why would I do the things they think I've done? I wouldn't, and I haven't.

But I give up. They won't listen. Instead they'll believe what they want and be hurt by it, and there's nothing I can do about it. I've tried.

I've done all I can to save these friendships.

It fucking hurts like you wouldn't believe to lose friends for no reason.
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