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Look at me, mom!

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Holy shit, that cracked me up! Did you really build the exact same thing as is on the box??? Great picture- very funny stuff. I may have to get me a set of those thingies...


Yeah, my parents gave me this for Christmas. The box comes with all the pieces and exact instructions. Mine's not EXACTLY the same though, because I made modifications to make it work better. ;)

Whew! Upon further review, I started thinking "Maybe he didn't make it and just Photoshopped himself in that picture. Won't I feel like an idiot." Then I thought "If ANYONE would build that thing, take a picture, then show it next to the pic on the box, it would be thwack." And I was right! You're a madman!

Hey Dan,
How does the coaster move on the tracks? Does intertia move it along or does it stop a lot? Is it motorized?

Can you tell I'm done with my schoolwork? All I wanna do is have some fun, and that thing is roxr (as Demo would say)

It works just like a real coaster. The train gets pulled up the hill by a motorized chain and gravity does the rest of the work and brings it back around to the bottom of the chain where it has enough momentum to get up che chain enough to catch again. The cars even have "up-stops"... wheels that ride both the top and bottom of the tracks, as well as the outter sides.

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