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I was in some sort of building with friends (later it would seem to be my elementary school, but we were all present-aged). We were at some sort of doorway in a tall glass wall sort of like the main entrance to RIT's SAU. One of my friends - possibly Jeremy - was tossing me up in the air about 15 or 20 feet to a beam at the top of the wall I would grab onto and hang briefly, then let go and fall down and he'd catch me. For some reason this was great fun and people were watching. Then he had to go and some other bigger guy wanted to try it and a smaller friend of his tried to toss him but wasn't strong enough. (Strange that ANYone could've tossed me 20 feet into the air, but hey, this is dream physics.) Jeremy was leaving and didn't want to do it. I think Suzy wanted to be tossed too and I was going to try, but we didn't get that far. Somehow it turns out that I was some sort of airplane pilot, and my friends were teasing me to try and get access to a plane (perhaps to get people up to the ledge? dunno how). They told me to hand over the keys to the plane... so I made a joke which must have been drawn from a Jerry Seinfeld bit about airplane pilots losing their keys... I said "Don't you know? They take my keys away from me the minute I step out of that locker room," as I pointed to the locker room of my elementary school (which is when it became apparent that's where we were).

Then my dream shifted to my mind's exploration of the idea of whether or not a plane could be stolen without keys. I thought maybe it could be taxied using thrusters (what kind of a plane is this???) without actually starting the ignition. So then I found myself sitting on TOP of a plane's cockpit, somehow controlling it with some sort of joystick I couldn't see... I was taxiing it out onto a snowy tarmac... which somehow appeared to be a large outdoor track and field. Coming down both sides of the track I could see emergency vehicles and law enforcement coming to intercept me. I headed towards a chain-linked fence, turned backwards and hugged the plane to protect myself as I blew through it heading towards the middle of the field. Then another fence after that. Then the back-stop of a baseball diamond. Then I saw the law enforcement cut into the field to intercept me... and I gunned the plane forward as I jumped off and ran in the opposite direction, heading for the edge of school property. I think I made it, but I don't know, because then the dream shifted to some political figure making a speech from that location and the whole world being proud of the events that took place.

Then my mind shifted to the topic of terrorism and somehow as I was looking through my shorts drawer, each pair of shorts somehow represented a terrorist attack, and I was wondering if one of the pairs of shorts near the bottom was actually associated with terrorist activity by Osama bin Laden and he just didn't mean as much to the world back then.
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