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Weird Survey

1. Name: Dan
2. There are 3 wells: love, friends, happiness. If you can drink from only 2 of them, which ones do you drink from? friends and happiness
3. Do you wish on stars? No, but I look at them.
4. Which finger is your favorite? I love them all equally. But I guess I'd miss my right pinky the most, between typing and piano. :)
5. What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? A pizza at Ciao!
6. Would you kill someone? I'd say no, but then I think about that ethics class I took - would you kill one person to save the world? I really don't know.
7. When did you last cry? Over a year ago when I had to move and got called for jury duty at the same time.
8. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you? Kevin Spacey - only because he's good and I think he can handle it - ha!
9. What TV show or movie title bests describes your life? The Abyss? hehe
10. Do you like your handwriting? not really
11. Who are you jealous of? People who know what they want to do with their life. And people who have found love.
12. What is the #1 priority in your life? To be happy.
13. What is your favorite lunch meat? Turkey
14. Do you have any bad habits? Yeah...
15. What store would you never be caught dead in? Show World (adult video store in town)
16. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Depends what kind of other person I was. :)
17. Are you a daredevil? In strange ways, yeah.
18. Do you follow or lead? follow
19. Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn't repeat? I don't think so.
20. Have you ever stolen anything? Only from family members. :)
21. Do looks matter? To a point, yes.
22. Do you pray? not on my own
23. Have you ever met anyone famous? How famous is Weird Al? :)
24. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Metaphorically, yes. Literally, no.
25. Are you trendy? Nope.
26. What do you do to vent anger? Depends where I am. I play piano as a stress reliever sometimes.
27. Are you passive or aggressive? passive
28. Who is your idol? don't really have one
29. Who is your second family? What's that? I guess my RIT friends.
31. Do you trust others easily? I guess so. I could be taken advantage of.
32. What was your favorite toy as a child? Legos! :)
33. What class in school do you think is totally useless? Home Ec
34. What is the punch-line to your favorite joke? "Is it 'moosecock'?"
35. Do you like sappy love songs? I judge every song by itself. So my answer would be "some."
36. Do you think your life so far has been good? I've been lucky. It could've been a lot worse.
37. Which was your best Halloween costume? Sweeney Todd, and my redheaded girlfriend was Mrs. Lovett. At least, I spent the most on those costumes! hehe
38. Have you ever been on radio or television? Nothing big, just educational access and stuff like that.
39. Do you keep a diary? No, just this journal.
40. Have you ever intentionally hurt another person? Yes.
41. Do you like sarcasm? <deadpan>No.</deadpan>
42. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? No
43. Do you always wear a seat belt? Ever since I've been driving, yes. When I was little we'd go on long trips in the van and be up and about playing games on the table and stuff. That wouldn't happen today though. People are too afraid of dying or something.
44. Do you feel understood most of the time? my words? or me? Probably no on both counts, actually.
45. Do you drink milk? Never have because I was lactose intolerant, and never will because I don't like it.
46. Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach? sore throat
47. Have you ever thought seriously about committing suicide? That would be so much easier, wouldn't it? I've seriously considered it, but I don't think I could ever do it.
48. Do you know what `mung' is? Not a clue.
49. What is your stage name? If I had a stage, I wouldn't name it. :)
50. Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer or in separate ones? same
51. Did you pay money to see Honey I Shrunk The Kids? Can't remember. It would've been my parents who paid, anyway. :)
52. Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold. Because you can always get warmer.
54. What is the first thing on your Holiday list? A girlfriend.
55. What was the best Holiday present you received? K'NEX Screamin' Serpent roller coaster. :)
56. Could you be a vegetarian? If someone else prepared my food for me. Actually I rarely prepare meat for myself anyway - too much work. So at home I practically am a vegetarian, but I eat meat when I go out. It would be hard to pick vegetarian dishes when I eat out, I think.
57. What word do you use when you think something is good? cool
58. What band has the funniest name? Jim Valenti and the Kit Shickers (thanks, Kelley - I wouldn't have had an answer otherwise :) )
59. Would you ever bungee jump? Never have, but yes.
60. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? Yes
61. Who is your favorite boy band? *NSYNC, because of this getting me hooked on them. I like them for the music and the show, not for the boys. :-P
62. Would you rather wear uniforms to school? Sure would solve my lack of style. :) I don't go to school though.
63. Have you ever given money to a bum? I don't think so, but I would if they did something clever to earn it.
64. What are you worried about right now? Finding a job.
65. Do you ever wear overalls? I did long ago. I don't own any now. I think they look great on girls. :)
66. Do you think you are strong (emotionally)? Not sure.
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