Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

I just realized something about myself as I was sitting half-asleep in my papasan chair: I always make bad purchases. Yes yes, so "What's a bad purchase," you ask? Well my reason for saying that is based on looking at how I buy things, and realizing that every purchase wasn't exactly a very good one.

For example, when I bought my CD burner recently, I got an HP because it was my understanding that they're the most popular for one reason or another, and I figured it was because they were reliable and had a big name behind them. Well, after I got it, a friend of mine asked what kind I got, and when I told him HP, he asked "WHY?" He then told me that everyone he works with (at a high-tech computer support company) swears by Yamaha CD burners and says HP drives usually have problems. Made me wish I had talked to him before making the purchase.

Another example... when I go shopping, especially grocery shopping, I hardly ever look at the price of anything. Probably half the people in the country would be able to point out alternate purchases that would give me idential products at much lower prices. I suppose if I was really crunched for money, saving would become important enough to me to pay more attention to cost. But for now, my priority seems to be to choose the product that is most appealing.

What does all this mean? Well, at the very least, I know I'm not cut out for any sort of investing or high-paced money management type of career or hobby. I'm a follower, not a leader. I tend not to buy things until a good portion of other people have bought them, and even then, I usually find that my purchases weren't very smart ones. If I tried to be more of a leader in the economy, I would plant my face in the ground for sure.

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