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Woohoo! I just saw Lord Of The Rings. :) We watched it in the IMAX theater but it wasn't IMAX - I think they just put it there so they could show it on one more screen in addition to like 3 regular screens. The tickets cost the same as regular movies - IMAX tickets are usually around $12 or so.

They had a little problem with the vertical hold during the opening credits, but fortunately that got fixed and the rest of the film was glitch free.

What kind of a dork talks about the theater and the projection before talking about the movie? I guess this kind. :) The movie was GREAT! I've never read the book(s) though. I really should sometime. Everything was just perfectly thought out, set up, acted out, and shot. Beautiful work.

It got a little slow in one part that was filled with nothing but dialog and it was hard to stay focused, especially since that was somewhere around 2 hours into the movie.

But what makes a great movie even better? Seeing it with a date. *swoon* :)
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