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It's just not your night is it, Pizza Hut?
I was with some friends and we decided to order a pizza...

Ryan calls and says he'd like to place an order for delivery. He is told they can't do a delivery. "You don't do deliveries?" "Well, our driver got in an accident." "Oh." "Would you like it to be for take-out instead?" "I guess so." "Actually, we're out of dough." "Oh. You're out of dough?" "Yeah, I should have remembered that before offering take-out. Sorry."

Maybe Ryan dialed the wrong number and the person decided to have fun with it.

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Definately a wrong number- Pizza Hut out of dough???

Although when our local Taco Bell opened (it literally was the first one around here- people went ape-shit over it), they ran out of taco shells on their second day open. I guess someone had to drive to a few other stores (pretty far away) and get more!

Well it's a small store that is take-out/delivery only and they don't seem to be doing too well. Once when I ordered from them, they said they were short-staffed and asked if I could pick it up myself. I was glad to considering the place is a 20-second drive down the street.

And it wasn't a wrong number because Ryan says they answered the phone with "Pizza Hut..." :)

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