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Leonid Meteor
I caught one! :) And it was near the big dipper too. The sky is too big to even look at it all with my eyes, let alone catch it all with one camera, so I decided to just focus on the big dipper and hope I caught some there.

I actually caught 3, but the other two are hardly worth mentioning. This was the only good one.

(more pics from the show)

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woohoo! thankies for sharing!!

when you say you only caught 3, you mean on film right? you did see more than 3 right? cuz i was seeing at least 10 per minute, and i know i didn't even catch them all. :)


Oh hell yeah! I saw up to 10 per minute like you did too. :) And with the human field of vision only able to cover 1/4 of the sky at a time, I'm sure I missed the majority of them. The media said to look east, but I don't know why - they seemed to happen all over the sky. Just because they seem to radiate from Leo doesn't mean they'll hit the east sky any more than the west.

Actually, now that I picture the earth passing through space, I guess more would hit closer to the east as there's more lateral surface area there than to the west where it curves away. Howerver, the minority that do hit the west will have longer, more colorful trails. :) The ones that hit head-on are short and fast and, well, unexciting. :) The good one I caught was near the big dipper, so it was pretty high in the north-eastern sky, away from Leo, and had a good-sized trail.

FYI, I didn't catch ANY on "film". ;)

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