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Pi Search
The 8-digit number representing my birthdate shows up starting at the 98821110th decimal place of pi. :) Here it is with surrounding digits:


Where does YOURS show up? Search here!

So, who's gonna get up (or stay up) to watch the Leonids this morning? I'm not sure what I'm gonna do yet. But I hope to go outside with my camera on a tripod to get some pics.

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I was up to watch em... freaken awesome from here. Unfortunately I don't think I would've been very good with the camera trying to set up shots as they were pretty much all over the sky. Did you managed to get any shots? I'd love to seem em if u did.


Yeah I got one good shot and two tiny ones. The good one is in my next journal entry enhanced all fancy-like. :) You can see the original pics of all 3 meteors plus come cool horizon shots here.

My birthdate in Pi :)

The string and surrounding digits:

38285582730067215613 042476 79650997367389863963

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