Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

K-PAX, Shrek, Monsters Inc., Friendly's

Friday I went out with some friends to celebrate Suzy's 21st birthday by getting dinner at Bugaboo Steak House and seeing K-PAX. Bugaboo had meat loaf as a special today and the picture looked great so I got it. (I'm a visually-oriented eating person.) It was VERY good.... well worth whatever I paid for it. I know steak houses are traditionally expensive... The meat loaf had gravy on it... I prefer ketchup... but it was good anyway. The veggies though... WOW! They were awesome. Broccoli and carrots and other smaller things... I don't know if they were steamed or what, but they just melted in my mouth. I hate it when veggies are cooked but still crunchy, but these were like butter. Amazing. The "smashed potatoes" were good too. Great dinner. :)

And we finished and got out of there just in time to go see X-PAX. That was a cool movie. I'd think of it as a cross between Contact and Patch Adams. Pretty weird, but it worked.

Then Saturday my Shrek DVD came in the mail from Amazon and I watched a little of that before it was time to go meet my friends at Tinseltown to see Monsters Inc.

The new Star Wars Episode II teaser followed previews of about 14 Disney movies and remakes of 9 classics. (OK not that many but it seemed like it.) It was kinda short and weird, but hopefully it's just the first of many we'll be seeing.

Monsters Inc. was very cute. It was made even better by all the kids in the audience that screamed and laughed at the monsters. Plus there was plenty of humor in it for the adult crowd.

After the movie we went to Friendly's. Nothing unusual about that until it came time to pay the bill. Ok, we've been out many times before as a group and paid the bill with no problem. Well this time, somehow, the bill got handed to the last person $20 short. Well without getting into too much detail, I'll just say we stood around for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out where money was lost. People were looking around the tables for a dropped $20. Bob was reenacting the money-collecting procedure like it was a scene right out of JFK. People were examining bills to see if their fold patterns matched the rest of the bills in their wallet to see if it was their money. We were crossing off items on the bill to make sure there wasn't anything extra. We added up all the items on the bill to make sure the total was right. Meanwhile I noticed a guy at a table nearby commenting to his partner, "They're still trying to figure out their bill!" and laughing hysterically. Well he's right - it was certainly something to laugh at. :) Finally Bob determined that he might have put an extra $20 in his wallet that was supposed to go into the bill. He couldn't remember if he had grabbed $60 or $40 from home before heading out for the night, but figured if it was $40, then he has too much money in his wallet. We think that when I put my $20 into the bill, Bob lost track of money being thrown around in front of him and so it never actually got into the bill. Ok, now, Bob isn't the kind of guy I would think would try to steal $20 from his friends. I guess we all get confused sometimes. The weird thing is that at one point, I even said, "Someone's money obviously didn't get into the bill, and they don't know it. It could even be me." And I think Bob also said that someone may have taken too much money back from the bill when they paid with a $20, and it could even be him. And it turned out that both those cases were true... Weird. Well I guess I went into a lot of detail anyway. Oh well. :)

Today I watched the rest of my Shrek DVD and stuff. Ryan reminded me that Red Barn is at 4pm. I gotta go get ready for that.
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