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I'm a sucker.
So I bought and installed Windows XP.


I don't get it. I've replaced everything. New motherboard, new processor, new case, new power supply, new hard drive, new operating system, new video card, but I STILL have this jumpy playback of simple animated GIF radar images that EVERYBODY ELSE I KNOW has no problems displaying at all. Why?!?!?!

I'm bringing my computer to work tomorrow. If for no other reason than I know that if I try to show Mike how it doesn't work, it will work just because he's watching.

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Don't shoot me, but have you tried a different monitor?

I won't shoot you. :) No I haven't tried a different monitor - I only have one at home. I actually did think of this though, the other day... I was trying to think of what was left to change, and I came up with the power outlet being used, the monitor, the keyboard and mouse (although those were changed on the old system with no change in video performance).

If I bring it to work and it works, then it's probably the power or monitor.

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