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(Six Flags Darien Lake & Rochester Institute of Technology Student Music Association Halloween Party)

Saturday I picked up Suzy at around 5:30pm and we drove to pick up her friend Allison in Brockport and then headed to Darien Lake for the evening. Yes, it wasn't exactly amusement part weather, being 40°F or so, but Darien Lake has a Fright Fest in October with haunted houses and character actors (zombies) and a special Laserlight Spooktacular. So we went on a few rides... I went on Boomerang and Twister with Allison, and the Pirate with Suzy. We ate at the Beaver Brothers place, since it was the only sit-down place open. It was a half hour wait to get in the door.

Once we got seated, we already knew what we wanted to order, but of course the person who seated us wasn't the one to take our order. She said our server would be right with us. Well a half hour went by and nobody had even said hi to us yet. Once we saw the table behind us get serviced, who had gotten seated AFTER us, we got a bit annoyed. Doesn't the fact that we still have menus on our tables mean anything? At all? Hello? We stacked our menus at the edge of the table in clear sight. I jokingly suggested we need to slam them down to call them over, as I picked them up 3 inches and dropped them back on the table. To my surprise, this made a thunderous *CRACK!* throughout the restaurant. Much louder than I had expected. :) It was a funny moment. But you know what? Nobody looked at us. Not even customers. About a minute later a server passed by our table, stopped in her tracks and asked us if our order had been taken yet. When we said no, she acted all annoyed and disgusted and just about everything we felt ourselves. I guess our table wasn't hers, but she took pity on us or something. Somebody dropped the chalupa, but she picked it up. And from there on the service was pretty good. She actually brought out our meals before I had a chance to finish my hot chocolate. I could see them running test patterns for the laser show out the window by our table. We got paid and out of there just in time to catch the 2nd or 3rd song of the show. It was pretty lame. But it was cool to turn around and see the green laser beams hitting all the rides that they closed down, and they also continued on up into the sky and I could see where they hit the clouds and stopped. That was pretty neat to see. And they had a special tribute to victims of 9-11 at the end of the show, which was just the normal patriotic number they do in their normal shows, but they added figures of a policeman and a fireman. And they ended it by filling the sky with explosives, which seemed to feel good at the time but in hindsight seems kind of weird. But if they didn't use fireworks just for that reason, it would be the ultimate example of politcal correctness overblown, so I'm glad they had them.

Then we walked around the park and didn't do much for a while, then the girls felt like they were done, so I said I'd go on Superman alone if they don't mind waiting, since I knew neither of them wanted to go on it with me. Can you say "frostbite"? Actually it wasn't bad. I put up the hoot of my sweatshirt and that protected my ears, but to my surprise, my face didn't really get all that cold. I walked right onto the ride, pretty much. The train was just loading as I entered the station, and I saw an empty line near the end of the train, so I got in it, and I only had to wait for the current train to go. Maybe sitting in the back minimized the wind chill on my face. It was an awesome ride though. After that, we walked through the spooky swamp area that leads to Brutal Planet. We'd done Brutal Planet last weekend so we didn't feel like paying the $3 for it again, but the swamp area is free and they have a few zombies out there to scare people. We walked through with our elbows locked together like we were skipping down the yellow brick road or something. Then we took the long path back to the park and headed for the exit. The girls had to use the bathroom of course, so I stopped by the fudge shop and got some Applie Pie Fudge... yum. :)

Then we went back to Allison's dorm and hung out there for a while. Her suitemates were playing a drinking game and tried to get us in on it but we weren't interested. We looked at Allison's photo album and talked for a while, then Suzy and I went home. Fun day.

Sunday I went ice skating with Theresa and Bob from about 12:30-1:45. I'm so out of shape. After skating, Bob and I went to see the RIT Players one-act plays at 2pm. They were ok. My friends were saying they were hilarious and a must-see. There was really only one funny act, and it wasn't so much that it was funny, but just clever and surprising. The rest was just kinda there. I don't like it when actresses whine their parts. It's not their fault - that's the only way their voice can be heard without amplification, and the director undoubtedly asked them to project better, so that's the result. It's just very difficult to listen to. The audience was rather sparse and unresponsive, but later I heard from friends in the show that the audience for that performance was the BEST of all the performances so far and that got them excited and helped the show go better. That's pretty sad. :(

After the show I was supposed to go over to Ryan's to work on a Halloween costume. But he wasn't there. But his car was. Hmm. So I went home. I was starving anyway. I stopped by CompUSA on the way home and picked up a Radeon VE video card just because. Later I saw Ryan online and found that he was doing laundry. He had his own idea for a costume anyway. So I just fell back on the death cloak I wore last year.

The party was a lot different than previous years. Mainly it wasn't planned. There was a committee but we didn't do anything except get together the night of the party an hour early to docarate the room. In years past, we'd have customized tombstones (spraypainted cardboard), a piñata, mummy contest, carved pumpkins, etc. This time the coordinator went out and spent $250 of his own money (!!!) on decorations and stuff because his roommates threw out the bag of decorations the club had given him. So we had streamers, lights, webs, ghosts, paper goods... I brought my strobe light.

People basically stood around for a while and ate the food because Slacker hadn't shown up with his CD player yet so we had no music. Then he finally did, and they were playing non-halloween stuff like Monty Python skits. That's nice. Then we played Pictionary on the whiteboard, then Star Wars Trivial Persuit. Then I did my transition. In previous years, Ron would have a costume transition half way through the party. Like he'd come as a nerdy guy ("Leonard"), then shed a layer to reveal a spiffy black suit and put on some cool shades. Well he wasn't there this year so in his absence I did my own transition. I threw back my cloak's hood and donned a graduation cap. :) Then I played a few songs at the piano. Some Halloween-related, some not. Then they played some more Monty Python skits, and I had enough of that and it was getting late so I figured I'd get going. Well, I guess they saw me getting ready to leave and they started pulling down decorations so then I felt like I should stick around and help. I was only leaving because it looked like they were going to listen to Monty Python forever. But they stopped, so I helped clean up. All in all, there were about 12 people at the party. Not very impressive. I ate a slice of pizza complete with cheese because I was so hungry I didn't care. I regretted that when I got home. Oh well. I picked a piece that had the least cheese on it, and I could barely taste it, but I guess it still bothered me.

That was my weekend.
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