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Philosophical Moment
For the past week or so, I've been nearly computerless at home while I'm trying to get my new system up and running. I had no access to e-mail for about 3 days. Then after I got that back, my mom e-mailed me asking why I haven't been on ICQ in several days. I don't even have sound on my current computer yet. I don't know what I want to do.

Then I start thinking deeply about the whole computer world. Why do I care so much about it? I've lost all my data under Program Files to a stupid hard drive failure. Why should I care so much? Especially in light of recent events right here in my own state.

Now I'm thinking I should buy XP and upgrade my system. But why? Because it looks cool? Because it'll make things easier and run more smoothly? With Microsoft doing this whole license activation thing, forcing people to actually pay for their stuff, our decisions will mean more to us now that our money is involved. Do I really need a computer so much that I'd spend over $100 just for its operating system? What would life be like without a computer? I would have no life. Computers are my life. It's pathetic.

So here I am trying to make money to pay bills to live alone in an apartment with a computer I keep sinking money into. A comedian might compare this to marriage.


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Hey thwack- does that mean you don't want the SW CDs I burned for you? I'd be happy to keep them....

Buck up! I think you're having the "my computer is a pain in the nards" blues. If you really feel like your life is too wrapped up in your computer, pull the plug for a few months and go do other stuff!

A computer vacation is a good thing.

By all means, send the CDs! I'm sure I'll find a way to watch them. ;)

Thanks! :)

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