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Ok, but they still suck.
I was clinging to a little strand of hope that the package might be sitting at my door when I got home. To my amazement, there it was.

Apparently "Alston" is the driver's name.

Ok, but uh, UPS, don't you know your own policies? If the driver signs for the package, that's called "DRIVER RELEASE" and is designated by a "D.R." as the recipient's signature. I read that on your own damn FAQ.

You still suck because my request to have the package redirected didn't work at all. What, did you decide you'd rather leave it at my door than trek it out 20 miles down the thruway for me? Now that the package is worth $400 instead of $20, you decide to leave it at my door? Thanks. No really, thanks.

Maybe my driver is just sick of leaving me InfoNotices.

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lovely. At least you got it.

What a saga! This computer better spit silver dollars out the floppy drive when you're done building it. What a collasal pain in the ass!

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