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Yesterday I found a UPS InfoNotice on my door saying they tried to deliver a package from Mwave. Interesting. I hadn't heard that Mwave had shipped my package back to me, plus I thought they'd use FedEx. I asked them to instruct FedEx to hold it at the local facility so I can pick it up myself. Well not only did they not ship it FedEx, but they didn't ask it to be held either. Weird. I checked my credit card and found that they added a charge of $22. $20 was the difference of the motherboard upgrade. Am I to believe $2 covered shipping?? Also weird, but you don't see me complaining.

So last night before the 7pm deadline I submitted a request into the UPS system to have the package redirected to my work address.

Meanwhile, I still haven't received my case I ordered from Colorcases.com, nor have I even heard from them what the tracking number is, or even if it has shipped. So I was pissed that now I'm about to get my motherboard and it won't have a home. So I wrote another e-mail to Colorcases asking for a status on my order again.

Today at work I get a call from the front desk saying I have a package. I went up to get it, and it was the case! Wait a minute... According to my order confirmation e-mail from Colorcases, it was going to ship to my home address via USPS. Instead, it showed up at work via UPS. How in the blue fuck did that happen? I didn't think I even gave them my work address.

I punched the tracking number into UPS.com thinking maybe the InfoNotice I got was really for this package, and not Mwave, but it pulled up a completely different history. The case came from IL. The tracking info for the InfoNotice for the Mwave package shows an origination in CA.

Also in the tracking info for the case, there was an entry that says "COMPANY OR PERSON UNKNOWN, NOT DELIVERED;ADDRESS CORRECTED, DELIVERY RESCHEDULED". Address corrected? Who corrected it? It wasn't me. I redirected the one from Mwave. I didn't even know the case had arrived. Did my UPS office finally grow a brain and figure out how to get my packages to me without my intervention?

I also have to wonder about this magical power UPS seems to have... My motherboard was supposed to come FedEx, but it came UPS. My case was supposed to come USPS, but it came UPS. What's going on??? Methinks there's a doin's a transpirin'.

Well I have my case and my motherboard is at least in town, so pretty soon I'll be all set, so I really shouldn't care. But jeepers. Talk about a mess.

By the way, if you're still reading, give yourself a cookie. If you actually followed any of what you read, have two. :)
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