Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Letter to UPS

I must express my EXTREME disappointment with your quality of service. I refrained from blowing up at the employees at the local office only because I'll surely have to face them again in the future.

Amazon.com shipped me an item via UPS 2nd day air. Half of this mess is their fault. However, I had hoped I could work with UPS to make sure I get the package the day it arrives.

Since I work from 8am-5pm and live alone, UPS can never deliver a package to me at home. Knowing this, I visited the local office yesterday (day before package arrived in town) asking if there is any way I can have the package held there on arrival instead of attempting delivery. That way I could pick it up there on my way home from work and avoid a 24-hour delay involved with the InfoNotice system. I was told this can't be done, but in the future I can have packages addressed to the office with my name on it. But that wouldn't have even helped me in this case because the shipper couldn't even tell me they used UPS as the carrier until after it was shipped. I was also told by the office employee that the driver for my street would probably be back after 6pm on the day of delivery and I could try to pick up the package at the office after then.

As an added effort, I left a signed note on my door this morning requesting the driver to leave the package here. Unfortunately when I got home I found that "signature required in person" was checked. Who selects that? It's always checked that way.

Anyway, I waited around until after 6pm. Meanwhile, by the way, I saw a UPS truck drive through my parking lot. It always does in the evening, but never comes to my door. Why? How does one get the special privileges of evening delivery? Instead they attempt to deliver to me at 3pm even though I've never been home during the day in the past? After seeing the truck drive by, I figured I should wait a while for it to get back to the office before I show up at the office looking at my package. Does this seem silly to you or is it just me?

I drove to the office at 6:30 and presented my InfoNotice. The same employee I talked to yesterday didn't seem all that friendly today as she looked at my InfoNotice and called somebody to ask if my street's driver was back yet. After 4 minutes she told me no. I asked if the driver would be back anytime before the office closes, because I'd be willing to wait there. She said no and asked in a disgusted voice if I would like the package held for tomorrow. Not wanting to deal with her a 3rd time for this same package, I nicely asked that it be redirected to my place of employment, which she did, while impatiently asking me to repeat every element of the address there.

So now tomorrow I should receive this package at work (which is where I would have had it delivered in the first place if I knew UPS was going to be the carrier) while I could have bought this same item in a local retail store 2 days ago.

Like I said, this is half Amazon.com's fault. But if UPS had any sense of logic they could've lessened the blow and I'd have my package right now.

I'm not asking you to discipline the employee who was rude to me. She was probably having just as bad of a day as I was, and I was making requests she wasn't equipped to handle.

I'm not asking you to reimburse me for the $1.50 worth of gas I wasted on 2 trips to the office that resulted in my getting the package no sooner than if I had done nothing.

I AM asking you to rethink the way you handle deliveries. With all the computers involved these days there must be a way to do any of the following:

* Upon request, hold all packages addressed to a specific recipient at the local office

* Upon request, redirect all packages addressed to a specific recipient to a specified alternate address

* Look at past delivery attempts to determine the most successful time of day to deliver to any particular address and make slight adjustments to the driver's schedule to improve delivery success rates

I'm daydreaming about someone at the local office noticing my situation and showing up to make a special delivery out of pity. I would pay such a person $20 for their sensibility that is obviously uncharacteristic of the rest of the company.

Instead, someone at the local office is probably looking for my package so they can damage it on purpose. At least, that's the impression your level of service has given me.
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