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Digital Newspapers

I remember back in junior and senior high school when I had my paper route and would glance at the front page of the local paper each morning as I was counting/stuffing them or whatever, I'd notice how the colors would always be misaligned one way or another. The magenta would be down and to the left a few mm, the cyan up too high, etc. And only a few pages of the whole paper even had any color at all.

At that time, the USA Today was printed on a much better system, apparently, because it would have many more pages of color and the color alignment was always nearly perfect. The halftone dot pitch was always smaller too, making a sharper image.

Today, the local paper is even better than that. In fact, the print quality of photos is so good that I was able to notice something else that has changed a lot over the years... all the images are digital. When I looked closely at the edge of G.W.'s ear on the front page of a recent paper, I could see JPEG compression artifacts along the sharp border of contrast. My friends thought I was nuts, but know what I saw. :)
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