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New Computer

I can't wait for the parts to arrive. I'm getting this case:

With this motherboard:

With a Pentium 4 1.6GHz CPU and 256MB of PC150 SDRAM installed and tested by Mwave.

At first I ordered the plain BL7, because I thought both had 4 IDE channels but only the RAID version supported RAID, which I don't need, but wanted the support for more than 4 IDE devices (4 channels would mean 8 devices, for those less knowledgeable). According to the picture, this was the case. But when I got the board, it only had 2 channels. Plus I discovered from reading its manual that P4 systems require new P4-certified cases and power supplies. *sigh* So that's why I'm buying the case above. This is also what my previous entry was all about. I found that out after getting my current system out of its case and ready to put the P4 system together, so then I had to put my current system back in its case. Fun. I must have put some PCI and USB devices back in different spots because Windows re-detected most of my hardware when I started up, but fortunately it was very smart about it and just used all the current drivers that were already installed without any user interaction or strange error messages and all went well. I'm impressed.

Anyway, I shipped the BL7 board back to Mwave today with an RMA# and they said they'd move the CPU and RAM over to a BL7-RAID and charge me the difference ($20 more for the BL7-RAID, plus a restocking fee on the BL7, and shipping, and maybe another $9 assemble/test fee, who knows, I told them to notify me if new charges exceed $100).

So, if all goes well, I'll have a nice new system in a week or two. Yippee!
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