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Slacker's Update

Yeah I know, I'm a slacker. Haven't written in a while.

Last Wednesday after the RITSMA meeting a few of us from the club went out to eat at Don Pablo's. It was about 9:30 or so when we got there, and as I pulled into the parking lot I noticed it seemed rather empty. I was able to park right near the door. Very rare. The place is usually packed. So I walk in and the place is empty. Hmm. Well not totally empty - there were like 3 people at the bar and maybe 4 tables had people at them finishing up their meals. But nobody greeted me as I was standing there. A few minutes later my friends got there so our whole group was there now and we still haven't been greeted. I'm thinking maybe they're closed? So one of us asks a guy who was cleaning tables if they were open, and the guy grabs some menus, wipes down a table and seats us. Hmm. He seemed very upbeat, too... not pissed about seating us or anything. His name was Pat. So we put in our orders, and nothing was rejected, so obviously the kitchen wasn't shut down. Strange. For most of our meal, we were the only group in the whole restaurant. Some of the employees were eating a meal themselves at another table. When they brought food out, we knew it was ours because we were the only ones there. :) The food was pretty good, too. I got steak and chicken fajitas. While we were eating and thinking about how empty the place is, I thought, hey, was there maybe some sort of health issue at this place that was all over the news and we didn't hear about it? LOL Well I didn't get sick so I guess not. I still don't get it though. Usually that place is packed at night. As we left, I looked at the hours on the door... it said they were open 'til 10. I think. I just remember that it said they were open until a half hour after we got there. But at the same time I'm thinking 11 sounds more right than 10. Oh well. Doesn't matter.

Tonight I went out to the movies with some friends and saw a sneak preview of "Bandits." Yes, Bruce Willis with hair. The movie was pretty good. It had a lot of laughs in it, but it also had a complicated plot, but not so complicated that you couldn't figure it out. I was telling my friends as we were eating at Denny's afterwards, that it was very choppy but it came together at the end. Much like how A Clockwork Orange and Pulp Fiction are choppy, but they never come together, which is why I can't stand those movies. :)

I saw Ryan and Cindi holding hands tonight... Hmmmmmmmm.... ;)
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