Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

2 pianos, 4 hands

I saw this AWESOME play today at Geva with my friends in RITSMA. It was a 2-man play, and they were both not only exceptional actors, but exceptional pianists as well. It was amazing! And hilarious at times, too. :) It basically tells the simultaneous stories of these two guys growing up and learning piano. The actors were changing roles quite frequently... it kept moving and kept us on the edge of our seats. :) There were a lot of references to musical terms and stuff, so people who have taken piano lessons at some point in their lives could get a good chucks out of certain parts.

They finished the show with a 10-minute classical piece played on two pianos. It was so weird - it's like a performance within a performance. That's gotta be tough. I mean, if you make a mistake, you still have to stay in character. But I didn't hear any mistakes. And the acting seemed flawless as well. It was just spectacular overall. :)
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