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Vivid Dream of War

I haven't been having many dreams lately, and I've never been one to have bad dreams, but this morning was obviously an exception.

In the earliest part I can remember, I was with some sort of tour group in a foreign country and we were staying at what I can best describe as an elaborate campus with lots of things to do. Large outdoor swimming pool, etc. There was a big shopping mall there and I was walking around in it with some friends. Parts of it resembled malls in real life that I'm familiar with so I felt like I could lead the group. It was really crowded, and for some reason I wanted to try to take my friends (some of whom were friends from real life but I can't recall who) to a certain store in the mall, but the crowds were horrible and my friends weren't staying together very well.

I remember at one point we were in a big open floor playing some sort of game that had to do with birthdays and astronomy (yes, the movement of objects in space, not astrology). There was a big imaginary arc on the floor that represented the movement of some heavenly body over time -- perhaps a year, which would make sense -- and we were supposed to stand on it in a place that represented our birthdays. I was only doing it with one other friend, who happened to be Derek Punaro because I know he has a birthday in June near mine. The game involved not just the position on the arc, but some sort of fast movement as well, and it was difficult and entertaining. At one point we stopped and I wasn't sure if I was doing it right.

Next I found myself with my group (but there were no longer friends from real life, just people who were supposed to be friends in my dream) and we were walking out of the campus, down the road a quarter mile or so and up another road, until we reached a group of people who were native to the country gathered in some open-top vehicles. There were about 15 to 20 people there. Somehow, my group was there to help them. I'm not sure how. We would do some stuff that I can't remember, and we would end our visit by singing their national anthem with them, which was supposed to be the national anthem of Afghanistan, except since my brain doesn't know it, it just sounded like some lame alma mater and it was in English and included the words "world peace" in it somewhere spoken very fast because the composer didn't fit the lyrics to the melody very well. Also, this blonde girl, who was a friend of mine but not anyone I know from real life, would start singing "Silent Night" instead of the anthem, because she didn't know what song we were going to sing.

We'd finish with one group of natives (I'd say tribes, but it wasn't that many people, and they were just at the ends of roads, not in villages or anything) we would backtrack to the main road, go down to the next side road and meet more natives there and do it all over again. Each time my blonde friend would start singing Silent Night by mistake instead of the anthem.

After the last one, we were walking back up the road and the group got a little spread out, so I was jogging from the back group of friends up to meet some who got ahead of us. Then I saw my group leader (tour guide, if you will) running up fast from behind. I made some funny remark to him as he passed me, but he didn't seem to care. I noticed he was armed with some sort of rifle. As I continued walking, I looked up at the sky and noticed all the condensation trails of jets high in the air along the horizon. They all seemed to be going in the same direction, too. I thought I should get a picture, but decided against it. The thought also ran through my head - "I wonder if I'll be able to get out of the country with my digital camera." Our leader ran past the rest of our group and got to the intersection with the main road, where there was some commotion. Then he readied his rifle, aimed, and took down some man. When I got to the intersection, I wasn't sure what to do. There were even more guys there with rifles, all on alert to shoot the enemy. I thought I'd better get out of the way of whatever was going on, so I found some bushes and tall grass and I hid in them. I soon decided that was stupid because my own guys might shoot me. Although, it was also stupid that my guys were standing right out in the open trying to shoot enemy guys who were obviously hiding somewhere. But hey, dreams don't have to make sense. So, I stood up out of the bushes slowly so as not to draw attention. One of my guys did see me and aimed his rifle at me, but I waved him off, and he didn't shoot.

Then the enemy started shooting, and I thought I should seek cover. We happened to be next to a strange building that had a multi-floor covered sidewalk in front of it. Each floor was open on the sides and had a thin roof/ceiling between the floors that were about the size of a tennis court. I started to feel rifle shots hitting me, but they weren't fatal. They just felt like mild stings, as if this was just a game and they only had to let me know I had been hit, but without doing any damage, yet the fear was still real.

Then my dream finally ventured into the imaginary and I had the power to jump through the first ceiling to take cover above it. But the bullets kept hitting me. So I jumped again through the second ceiling onto the third floor. They were still getting me. I jumped through about 5 floors before I was on the roof, and then the only thing left to do was fly away.

The weird thing about flying in a dream is that the mechanics of it are always the same, at least for me. I just pump my arms as if they're wings, and each pump elevates me a little bit, but I'll sink slowly down if I stop pumping. Steering is entirely mental.

So I flew away from the scene, up high into the air, where suddenly it was night and I found myself directly in the path of attack helicopters and planes who were firing at the scene and once again I was feeling the sting of bullets. I flew far above them, and my heart was racing. I thought I should be able to find the campus my tour group had all been staying at, since I was so high in the air, but I couldn't seem to locate it. I just kept flying around frantically trying to stay out of danger.

Then I woke up, breathing heavily from all the adrenalin of flying and fearing for my life.
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