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What's missing from this photo?
I took this photo of the sky southwest of the city tonight because I noticed something missing. Know what it is?

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No contrails!!!! (and it's sooooo quiet in the skies, eerie) We live under the flight path for inbound Sacramento flights. Every 15 minutes there is a plane going overhead, till yesterday.

I live near the airport here in Rochester, too. I don't hear them so much because we're to the side of the approach and departure paths, but I usually see many blinking lights in the skies at night, and usually 5 contrails at any given time. It's so eerie to see nothing but stars and clouds.

I saw some odd things up in the skies last night. One was a satellite, tracking across the sky from south to north, haven't seen a satellite in ages. The other was Russian space junk. It was beautiful but scared me when I saw it. Read my LJ and you will know why. This morning a fighter jet flew over Sacramento. As a mother, I am filled with dread of what is to come. I don't think things are over yet. (paranoid for my children)

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