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Today I went to Friendly's with Sara and Orlando for lunch, then we went to Snow Country to get stuff for our rollerblades, then we were gonna go skating, but damn, it was like 90° or something. So Orlando suggested skating indoors at this place in Macedon called Spinners, and we ended up doing that.

Wow, I haven't been to a rollerskating rink in ages. :) This one allowed rollerblades, too. It was full size, wooden floor, and had markings for playing hockey and a lot of sports equipment off to the sides behind the walls. There was also an extreme course in another room with ramps and stuff for doing rollerblade, skateboard, and bike stunts. Along the wall between the main rollerskating area and the extreme room, there's an opening in the wall for people to watch the extreme skaters. Along the top of the opening there's a sign: "Please do not feed the animals." LOL! I liked that. :)

Anyway, that was a good time. We were probably the oldest skaters there.. aside from parents of all the little kids having their birthday parties.

On the way home I got money, got gas, washed my car, and got some Code Red. Ahhh... now I can just veg in front of the A/C and watch a movie or something.
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