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New Tripod!
Yay! I got my tripod I bought on eBay. :) It's nothing extravagant, just a nice sturdy aluminum tripod at a very decent price. Came with a carrying case too. :) It has a bubble-level, and can be moved in any direction, including tilting 90° up to one side to get portrait shots. Neato! The only thing not too impressive is the up/down tilt action. It's sticky no matter how loose the tightening knob for it is. Maybe I can find some grease or something that will fix that. The left/right panning is very fluid and smooth though. Not that all this matters too much since I probably won't use it much for shooting videos, just still pictures.

I have 3 things I can use on the tripod though... my webcam (a Sony Handycam), my digital camera, and my telescope. :)

Well, bedtime. As kelley would say, "Nite nite, taters!"