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Wow, it seems like I'm the only tenant left in my building or something. Maybe everyone's on vacation. I can see that the apartment across the hall from me is empty because the name tag on the mailbox is gone, and the apartment above me is being fixed up by maintenance so it must be empty too. Wow, it's nice to not have to compete for the laundry room. :) This corner of the parking lot has been empty lately, too.

Well I'm sitting here trying to think of how to organize all my data. It's spread between two drives at the moment. Oh yeah, that last entry about the windows error... I kinda fixed that. I uninstalled my QuickCam and Webcam32, and that seemed to do the trick. That's probably the same thing that I needed to do last time. But oh well. So I've got my OS running of an old (slower) 20gig drive, and a lot of my data still sitting on the other (newer, faster, but non-booting) 20gig drive. So I gotta think about where I want to put stuff. What a chore.

I never get anything done because I can't figure out what to do.

I'm also listening to Radio Free OpalCat right now because I'm too lazy to pick out a playlist on my own. So I have to put up with opalcat's tastes for now. :)

What a way to spent a Friday night. Well I tried to find someone to go rollerblading or play tennis or Frisbee or SOMEthing tonight, but no can do. :-/ Oh well.
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