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WARNING: May not be suitable for young or sensitive viewers.

Well I pulled my Pentium-II machine apart...

Eww... computer guts all over my floor.

But I found the problem that caused the machine to die. The power connector on the motherboard is.... well.... it's hard to describe so just look for yourself.

This is the power connector on the motherboard. I circled the problem areas.

This is the power supply cable that goes on that connector.

I think I can clean the two pins on the motherboard that are blackened, but there's no way I can fix the end of the power supply cable. So I ordered a new power supply.

I had to host these images at fathom.org (thanks Opal & UDD!) because the server I usually host LJ pics on kind of has a problem (see above).

Some might ask why I don't just buy a whole new motherboard and power supply. Well, of those people, I pose this question: Do you know of anybody who makes AT form factor motherboards anymore? That's kind of a problem. I paid a lot for that huge server tower case and now I can't put any new stuff in it. :( I wonder if SuperMicro would be interested in an exchange for the ATX version. I probably couldn't even sell it on eBay... I searched on there for AT motherboards and there are none equal to or better than mine. Amazing that people still sell AT power supplies though... I ordered a 250W Antec at Outpost.com.

I've also been corresponding via e-mail with SuperMicro support. And let me tell you, I'm floored by their grammatical skills. Translated to proper English, their support boiled down to this: "Try switching VRM1 with VRM2." (I did that, told them it didn't work.) "The motherboard may be deffective. Thank you." What awesome support! They put Dell to shame. In the end I found the problem on my own and got back to them. And this time they're being just as helpful as last time.
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