Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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I can see! :)

And what a deal! I walked into Lenscrafters saying I was looking for clip-ons. The nice lady led me to a shelf of generic clip-ons and we tried a few. There were some polarized ones that were just a tad big for my frames but not like they'd fall off or anything. Then there were some that fit much better but they weren't polarized. I got the polarized ones. They were $40. Not bad! But as she was ringing it up she asked me if I'm a AAA member... I said yeah, and gave her my card, and BAM! $12 off! Amazing. :)

And now I can see while I drive! :) That's all they're for. Not for fashion at all. They probably clash and don't look good on me... but that's fine because they only cost $28 and they're only for driving. :)
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