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Mmmm... Flaming Wok had a new dish today - Curry Chicken. It was pretty good. I was able to finish the whole place. Usually I can't do that because there's so much fat in their chicken that I leave most of it behind. But they only used good cuts in this dish I guess. Plus it has potatoes in it.

Well this terminal is in direct sunlight here in the mall and I can barely see the screen. Someone else is trying to shade the screen with one arm and use the touchpad with her other hand.

Yay, clouds, this is better.

But anyway, I think I'll go for my walk now. Maybe a stop by Lenscrafters to see if they can get clip-on shades for my glasses. I need something for driving. Going east in the morning and west in the evening isn't very easy on my eyes. :-/


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